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09/28/15 05:12 - Shit
How'd this end up back here? Oh, well. [more]

04/23/12 12:20 - This Website Sucks
Did anybody else notice how much this site went downhill? False: This site cannot go downhill, it's already at the bottom. [more]

09/16/11 02:29 - Cyanogenmod 6.1.2 Droid
So I was having trouble getting the market installed 3.0.26 on CM6.1.2-Droid, It just wouldn't work. Then I remembered someone made a specific 6.1.2 ROM for the market. Get in touch with me if you want a solution. I'm posting this so there's record on the internet that it exists. [more]

08/10/11 11:44 - All the World
All the world's a stage, and the men and women are merely laughing because you fell off. And you broke your femur. And that's just damn laughable. This metaphor is getting sticky, let's back off for a minute and really analyze what I'm saying. I was looking for the perfect image to compliment my message today, but I'm severely disappointed in the selection of google images for "pickle corruption," [more]

08/09/11 09:39 - You Can't Just Accredit Yourself
It has come to my attention that this website is just a smlathering of crap that we hobbled together with no real direction or purpose. It appears that this site is not really "legit" and nobody understands it. I hereby instate the Deacons of Fredrickville Standardization Board. Thanks to this exclusively picked group of deacons, we can now become an accredited organization. This allows us [more]

07/27/11 09:54 - Do you remember?
I once programmed a game on the TI-83+ during study hall. Thinking of making it a reality. [more]

05/16/11 12:56 - Get off the home page
Fredronica here to tell you that, well muffins, it's not your fault. Not your fault that you missed Fredrickville so. It's a lot like a pumpkin jacko-in-the-box. You put a candle in and you turn the crank, and out pops weasels EVERYWHERE. I'm afraid I may have accidentally gotten some literal in your metaphor. I'm sure it will wash off. In honor of the style that is Fredrickville, and nothing less, [more]

05/10/11 10:20 - An Open Letter To Everybody
I guess there comes a time in everybody's life when they realized their pacing for the maturity race petered off to more of a sluggish crawl. And when you think you're leaps and bounds better than you were just years ago, you look back at your life and realize that you've actually hit a low point, you were just too drunk to notice. No, this is not my admission to being a raging alcoholic, I'm not [more]

05/04/11 10:46 - Alternative Medicine
For some reason, this needs to be said. Because for some unknown reason, people actually believe this tripe. I will put it in bold, so that you can see it clearly: Alternative Medicine Does Not Work. Period.(period) As some of my closer friends will attest, I get sick a bit, and recently I was doing just that. Being sick. Had myself a real paroozey cold.. so bad, in fact, that I couldn't use [more]

04/24/11 11:00 - PASTEURIZE THIS!
Special note from Robbie: I want to warn you not to scroll down if you're easily offended. I didn't realize just how shoking this article would be before I wrote it. You have been warned. Also please see the bottom for a message from our sponsor! Hi there! Robbie Here. Still writing, even though I know millions of you have dedicated time and money to making sure I'd never have access to a keyboard [more]

04/21/11 08:24 - Don't tell me you haven't thought about this..
Don't tell me you haven't thought about this.. Delicious. [more]

04/18/11 09:51 - The Grand Demise of Society
Oh look, Robbie's posting again. I bet he's got something good to bitch about. Oh, it's the demise of society. AGAIN. Whoop-de-do. Let's talk about this. You've seen her, you've heard .. something about her. It's Rebecca Black. She belts out a song that glorifies youthful ignorance, a song that demonstrates the very little material of any real consequence that crosses the mind of our youth. And [more]

03/28/11 02:19 - That's your opinion, mannn
Been a long time, Fred Here. I wonder what causes such an aversion to practical objective reality for the masses? When trying to present a good, sound logical argument, why do people answer with "Well that's just your opinion, man"? It's rare that I stumble across somebody that strikes me as a critical thinker, somebody who really engages in intelligent debate or conversation. The pool of people [more]

02/06/11 11:02 - The Day After
Welcome to the national day of uselessness on the internet, where every website dedicates itself to advertisements it saw during the superbowl last night. Waste of bits if you ask me. [more]

12/13/10 11:13 - Peace on Earth?
Like, seriously guys? How disingenuous is Christmas? Peace on earth, good will towards men? Does hanging a poster that says "peace on earth" make it so? I'm not claiming to be involved in any peace making. I, for one, don't even recycle, let alone help stop violence. If you offered me blood diamonds, I'd take them. But I don't go around claiming peace on earth, as if saying it makes it so. [more]

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