How'd this end up back here?

Oh, well.

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FV Midterm Q1 [8 points]

Two blocks of mass m1 and m2 slide along a horizontal surface.
An external force F applied to m1 from the left provides enough acceleration to keep m2 from sliding down the face of m1. The coefficient of kinetic friction between m1 and the horizontal surface is k. The coefficient of static friction between m1 and m2 is s, and s > k. What is the smallest value of F required to keep m2 from slipping?

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This Website Sucks

Did anybody else notice how much this site went downhill?

False: This site cannot go downhill, it's already at the bottom.

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Suicide Chickens And Lightsaber Wielding Octopi

Loosey Goosey the Enigmatic elf shot a deer one day. It turned out to be the Grandson of a god. This angered God mightily, so he did what would to any other individual who did something annoying. He destroyed the entire nation.

However, this was no ordinary elf. Loosey Goosey was secretly the overlord of the parallel dimension and suddenly, he reanimated himself like the time Neo rose back up from the dead through sheer willpower. Loosey was angry and somebody was going to pay, so he marched upstairs to the god's doorstep and dragged him by the ear to the crater that was once a nation and rubbed his nose in it and said "Bad god! Now, don't you do that again!"

The god never destroyed a nation in retribution again.

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FV Midterm Q1 [8 points]
This Website Sucks
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Suicide Chickens And Lightsaber Wielding Octopi
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